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About Us…..

We are Joseph and Cynthia Faccenda, the proud proprietors of Appalachian Mercantile.  We started out as Appalachian Quilts way back when, and have evolved into so much more.  Appalachian Art Iron focuses on the blacksmithing, while Appalachian Quilts is all about the quilter.  Appalachian Bath and Body is our all-natural, mostly vegetarian soaps, candles, bath bombs and oils.

Joe is our blacksmith and is the Art Iron portion of the business.  His background also includes dabbling in stained glass works.  He loves letting the steel speak to him and making it come to life between the hammer and anvil.

Cynthia is the quilter, soapmaker and candlemaker.  Having done considerable research on plant oils and their effects on the skin, we have formulated our own recipes that nourish the skin while still providing the cleansing properties our customers are looking for in their bath products.  Our candles are 100% soy wax, utilizing carbonless wicks.  

So, where does the “Appalachian” come from?  Cynthia’s family roots are right in the hollows (pronounced “hollers”) of Mingo County West Virginia.  Grandma Eula was quite the woman.  From making her own lye soap—to a 3 acre garden—to a rumored still—she was the epitome of making do with what she had.  It was from her that Cynthia learned to quilt on a treadle, garden and just appreciate life sitting on a rocker on the porch.  Cynthia wanted to honor her memory when she opened the shop.  It just “fits”.  Our finished products are all hand-made, not bought and sold, with the work ethic instilled by Grandma Eula.